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The new smart business card revolution, why you need one in your marketing tool arsenal.

Author: Sitehues Media
Date: 08/16/2021

Although the business card is a vital part of networking and has a long history, times are changing, and the new generation of smart business cards are here to stay. Not only does it help you connect with other professionals in your industry, but it also acts as an indispensable marketing tool. By leveraging its features, you can build your brand, generate leads, and gain more clients. Lets answer a few of the most common questions surrounding smart business cards.

What is a “smart” business card?

A “smart” business card is a business card made into a link that replaces your traditional paper business card that you would hand out to a prospect. Instead of handing out a business card you would share your smart business card link to transfer contact information from the card to a smartphone. When a prospect opens the smart business card link, they now can store your contact info and share it with others later. Most smart business card companies limited themselves on the features they offer, Sitehues Media the creator of GOCRD has made the most feature packed smart business card available.

Key benefits of smart business cards

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of business cards is networking or exchanging contact information. But smart business cards are way more than just tool for networking. Here are some of the key benefits of smart business cards:

1. You can use your smartphone to store a link to the content or information of your smart business card.

2. You can use smart business cards as an outlet to distribute documents like PDFs, Brochures, Flyers and more.

3. You can share images, videos, or any other type of content to share your portfolio to prospects.

4. They come with multiple ways to share the link so there are more ways to gain leads and be visible.

5. Forgot your cards at home? Smart business cards can easily be embedded in email signatures, text messages, or any other message so that you never miss a prospect.

Relying on the distribution of paper business cards, flyers, and brochures to spread your message about products and services is outdated and ready for a change. You can continue to use traditional business cards or make the jump into reality with a smart business card.

Building your brand and generate more leads with smart business cards

Smart business cards help you build your brand and generate leads by creating a unified brand experience with your prospect. This means that every time someone interacts with your brand, whether it’s on social media, website, or smart business card they’ll receive a consistent experience that speaks to their needs and interests.

Starting a business can be expensive. Because of that, many start-ups let the business cards go as a marketing expense and don’t get them. However, the dawn of smart business cards there is no need to print business cards over and over. During these times, more marketers are looking for new ways to connect with potential clients and earn their trust. Hence, the need for a business card alternative that will help businesses build trust and secure leads.

Sitehues Media’s release of their smart business card GOCRD helps business owners, freelancers, and networkers give a high-quality experience by enabling you to maximize the use of your smart business card to share anything you want. Check out GOCRD’s features and they are just getting started.

The analytics section of GOCRD is also very handy because you can track the performance of your smart business card interactions and engagements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. On top of that, you can easily export the data in spreadsheet form. Therefore, you can analyze the metrics as per your requirements.


Business cards are an important part of your marketing and networking strategy, but they have their problems and it's worth looking into other alternatives. We hope this article helped you do that by introducing several new ways of networking and sharing information with new contacts you meet.

Traditional business cards used to be a great tool for networking, but they have their problems. They’re expensive to print, and you can’t control how your contact uses them. They also don’t offer any information about what you do or what your website is. So, there is a growing demand for more digital versions of business cards.

We’re not talking about your pocket copy of a website, but rather, personalized smart business cards that match your brand. While these high-quality, digital business cards can get you the attention of anyone who wants to know more about you and your company, they don’t take up physical space in your wallet briefcase, or glovebox. This means you don’t have to repeatedly print your cards or keep 100’s of them in your shirt pocket.

The old way of networking and prospecting. You print your company logo on a card, include contact information, and create a few lines of text on the back. Then you distribute these cards to people who you meet. If your pitch is powerful enough, they might even want to store your business card for future use if not they are thrown away.

The new way smart business cards are easy to use, your never without your business card. The card is easily stored on your phone, text, email signature or programmed to an NFC enabled tag. With these features you won’t ruin your chances for future opportunities by not having your business card, it’s something to keep in mind before you choose between traditional business cards or smart business cards.

If you don’t already have one, you need to create one for you and your employees, they save money, time, and are the most convenient way to showcase and share all your business has to offer. Get started today with the most powerful and full featured smart business card in the industry GOCRD.