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NFC Business Cards The Most Powerful Way to Network

Author: Sitehues Media
Date: 02/14/2021

You've read about NFC-enabled business cards, but how do they work? If you're a small business owner with limited resources, how can you take advantage of this marketing opportunity? Learn more about the power of GOCRD business cards and how to get started today.

NFC Business cards can have a great impact on your marketing efforts. Here is a quick explainer on what GOCRD NFC business cards are and how they work.

GOCRD NFC Business cards are a form of small corporate advertising.

These cards are used to showcase products and services or maybe sign up new customers. They are then used to keep track of your existing customers by integration into your businesses CRM.

Most businesses have one version of these NFC business cards. Some use them to distribute there once printed materials digitally, like flyers, newsletters, and corporate announcements. Although the basic features of a business card are there like your contact information, website, and logo. The additional features of this GOCRD support both large and small businesses like CRM integration, push notifications, and an available card management dashboard. There is no other NFC business card with the options GOCRD has in it's current feature list and the features in the pipeline.

NFC is a wireless communications standard. Just about every mobile device has this capability now. So the NFC business cards will work with your mobile phones, PDAs, and iPhones, which makes use the mobile phones software to open the GOCRD link which contains your digital business card profile.

GOCRD has customer dashboard where you design your own NFC business card profile in 15 mins. Having a GOCRD expert designer help you design your NFC business card can save you a lot of time if you don't know where to start. The best thing about GOCRD NFC business cards is they are extremely inexpensive compared to printing standard business cards.

How the NFC technology works?

1. Your NFC business card profile is programmed to a NFC enabled object like a PVC card, Tag, or other NFC enabled product we offer.

2. When your customer touches the NFC enabled object to their mobile device, it sends a signal from your NFC business chip to the customers mobile device that displays a browser link with your GOCRD business profile.

3. Once your GOCRD link is opened on your customers mobile device, they can now save your contact info, allow notifications from your business, and save your link to the mobile devices home screen as a bookmark or app for future sharing.

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As this is a relatively new technology not many businesses have implemented this in their practice but it is an exciting technology and the technology is continuing to grow. But if you choose to go the extra mile, you can end up never printing another business card again and saving money in the meantime. So it's a win, win!

As you know your business cards are a part of your everyday business routine and have become an important marketing tool since there debut. It's time for your business to look to the future. So stop printing business cards and make the switch from analog business cards to the only business card you will ever need the GOCRD NFC business card. Sign up today for a 15 day free trial!

Do you have a business with 25 or more employees ask us about our enterprise plans!