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The most powerful business card alternative, the smartest smart business card GOCRD!

Author: Sitehues Media
Date: 08/16/2021

In the business world, having a well-designed business card is important. It shows that you’re a professional who cares about your appearance. But there’s no denying that the traditional business card is inefficient in 2021 — they take up space in your wallet, they get lost easily, and worst of all, you only have one or two lines worth of information on them. For these reasons and more, many people are looking for new ways to replace the old paper business card. This article explores 4 practical alternatives to using a standard business card which is extremely impractical for business in the now.

1. Smart Business Card

A “smart” business card is a business card that has a built-in wireless component so that you can transfer information from the card to a smartphone or computer. You can then use an app on your smartphone or computer to view the information on the card and store it for later use.

Sitehues Media has created a smart business card. It’s essentially a smart version of a business card. You can share the card with others so professionals and freelancers can make use it for personal or business. GOCRD smart business card is slightly bigger than a standard business card. It has a built-in chip that allows you to transfer information. You can edit this smart card with your phone, or your computer using the apps or web browser.

Each GOCRD business card comes with NFC capable smart card to share your smart business card link with to any mobile device with NFC capabilities. The other advantage of the GOCRD business card is the app functionality. The app allows you to view documents on it, such as PDF, eBooks, Brochures, and of course, your own card info.

The $99/yr GOCRD card doubles as a mini website. Which You can use to push notification to your customers via mobile device and desktop.

2. Contactless Business Card

Contactless business cards are a simple way to engage with your customers and build trust. When someone scans your card with their phone, they’re given your contact information and any relevant details like your website, social media profiles, and more. Contactless cards are a great way to remind people to check out your business and keep you top-of-mind.

Using PVC-based contactless cards is similar in a way to using debit or credit cards because it simply involves storing information electronically. Traditional business cards do not store information electronically. With this PVC-based contactless business card solution, the only thing that needs to be done is to choose a design, choose the information you want to share, print out the card, and start sharing your information with a tap, scan, or push of a link.

With contactless business cards replacing your traditional business cards— after all, it takes too much time to print them, keep them, and update them, and there's not as much you can share — if you’re looking to switch from paper to contactless check out GOCRD here.

3. Social Media Card

Social media cards are a great way to link followers, shoppers, and guest bloggers to your social media profiles. You can use them to link to your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest profiles, as well as your Instagram account. They’re a great way to give people a way to connect with you on social media. Business cards, which are plain, take up a large part of your wallet, and not functional for business in 2021. They’re easy to lose or go forgotten after you hand them to a prospect. These new cards, however, use social media–inspired actions so you can easily add and share your social media accounts. You can even add links to your three most recent posts and follow-up with tweets and other content.

GOCRD business cards can also be used on a social level — perhaps you have a podcast, online shop, or a new fitness class you’d like to add to your portfolio. Using the GOCRD business card it is quick and easy to add social media links no matter how many platforms you are on. Just design your business card to show a graphic of your new or current project. You could also draw an image in MS Paint and paste the image on, say, the back of your business card. If you like the idea of using social media links on business cards, then have at it — with GOCRD we have best features to make the switch to the best business card alternative in the market.

4. Virtual Business Cards

If you have a virtual business card, you should be using it. You should be actively sharing it to people and putting it in places where people will easily see it. You should be using it to promote your business over email, on social media, and on telecommunication tools like Skype and Facetime. You want people to know that you’re a professional, who takes their appearance seriously. While it’s vital to make sure your virtual business card, shows the correct information and spreads the proper message about your business. There are quite a few ways you can tell the world about your business on it. Here’s what you should keep in mind when you’re creating your business card alternative with GOCRD.

The business card is still important it’s just moving towards digitalization like everything else has. The main reason people are looking for a paper business card alternative is to stay save money, think about it how much does one large or medium sized company spend on printing business cards every month. That’s exactly what Raja Murugan CTO of Sitehues Media said before they developed the GOCRD product. “Why should companies print so many business cards? often most of them are tossed away or lost after they are handed out, think of how many leads you could save with a smart alternative.” His team developed and designed a digital business card with the goal of minimizing print costs, while maximizing the usage of the link. Now today GOCRD is the most powerful business card alternative out in the market currently.

Rather than wasting ink, paper, time and lost prospects by designing business cards the traditional way make the switch to the best fully featured business card alternative in the market. Try GOCRD today!